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Creating an Engaging Workplace Manager Packet

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Creating an Engaging Workplace Manager Packet

Product Overview

The Creating an Engaging Workplace Manager Packet is for managers and supervisors who want to create engaged, high-performing teams.

This packet provides straightforward instructions, new ideas, attainable goals and dynamic tools Gallup developed using its latest engagement research.

Managers can use the materials in this packet to:

  • discuss engagement with their team
  • develop a specialized engagement plan
  • build an implementation strategy to create and sustain high levels of engagement and performance for their team

What’s Included

The Creating an Engaging Workplace Manager Packet includes the following materials:

Driving Employee Engagement Workbook

This workbook:

  • provides a concise employee engagement curriculum
  • helps you understand the principles of employee engagement and how to measure team engagement
  • gives you information on how to build engaging workplaces and thriving employees and teams
  • provides you activities to help you identify your team’s engagement opportunities

Implementation Guide for Managers (Available Only With This Packet)

This guide:

  • includes a recommended plan for influencing and inspiring your team’s engagement
  • includes suggestions for ongoing activities you can use to create and sustain an engaging team culture

Engagement Resource Guide

This guide:

  • increases your understanding of Gallup’s Q12 survey
  • explains how each of the 12 elements of engagement affects individual and team performance
  • provides insights for identifying opportunities to improve engagement and best practices for becoming a more effective manager

Q12 Results Discovery Tool (Available Only With This Packet)

This tool:

  • provides a framework to use when reading and analyzing your team’s engagement survey results

State of the Team Conversation Outline (Available Only With This Packet)

This outline:

  • guides you through the simple, four-part process for leading a team conversation about your team’s current state of engagement

State of the Team Tool (Available Only With This Packet)

This tool:

  • provides a way for your team to record goals and next steps during the State of the Team conversation
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