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Building Accountability for Engagement Manager Packet

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Building Accountability for Engagement Manager Packet

Product Overview

The Building Accountability for Engagement Manager Packet provides the instruction and resources necessary for managers to create and maintain a culture of engagement with their team.

The materials in this packet use Gallup's latest research on engagement and its decades of experience working with the world's best managers to provide you with an approachable and agile set of tools for transforming engagement in the workplace.

Managers can use the tools in this packet to:

  • better understand the state of their team
  • lead more purposeful and meaningful conversations with their team
  • create a team culture of accountability for engagement

What’s Included

This packet includes information, insights, action ideas and tools to help you:

  • understand how to use your team’s trending engagement data
  • learn from new measures of accountability and follow-through to maintain a focus on engagement throughout the year
  • lead more frequent and meaningful conversations with your team
  • make the 12 elements of engagement a part of the cultural expectations for how your team works 

The Building Accountability for Engagement Manager Packet includes:

The Building Accountability for Engagement Workbook

  • This workbook provides foundational knowledge, strategies and tools to help you understand changes in your team’s engagement results.

One-on-One Engagement Discussion Guide

  • This guide provides a series of questions related to the 12 elements of engagement that you can use to discuss with each of your team members.
  • The guide also helps you understand what you can do to support your employees and enhance their engagement. 

Team Huddles and Brief Activities

  • These cards have ideas for facilitating quick team conversations and activities to help you better understand and meet your employees’ workplace needs.

Engaging Conversation Starters

  • Use these cards to guide formal and informal conversations with team members.
  • The cards include conversation starters that help build a positive work environment by calling attention to the team’s successes.

Engagement Starts With You Poster

  • Use this poster to encourage employees to think about the 12 elements of engagement differently and prompt everyone to take action to boost both individual and team engagement.
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