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CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide

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CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide

Product Overview

The CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide empowers teams of all types to understand how they can best work together to accomplish their goals and performance objectives.

Strengths-based teams translate a unique understanding of each other and what each person does best into greater engagement and performance at work.

Featuring 40 engaging activities proven to help teams succeed using a strengths-based approach, the CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide enables managers and other team leaders to:

  • enhance individuals' self-awareness
  • develop stronger partnerships
  • build strengths-based teams
  • improve performance

Each of the 40 activities include:

  • an overview of the activity's intention and purpose
  • detailed, step-by-step instructions for setting up and leading the activity
  • suggested timing for the activity
  • necessary tools and resources to complete the activity
  • questions for effectively debriefing the activity

Use the activities in the CliftonStrengths Team Activity Guide to lead stronger, more productive teams.

What You’ll Get

The CliftonStrengths Team Activity Guide is organized into four sections, which include the following activities:

Enhance Self-Awareness

The following activities help to increase team members’ awareness of and appreciation for their individual and collective talents and CliftonStrengths:

  1. Introductions
  2. At Your Best
  3. What You Do Best
  4. First Impressions
  5. Your Unique Talents
  6. In Your Own Words
  7. Expectations
  8. Your Top Five in Pictures
  9. Strengths Charades
  10. Quick Draw
  11. Watch What You Say
  12. Strengths Slogans
  13. CliftonStrengths Crossword Puzzle

Develop Partnerships

The following activities help team members explore the power of strengths-based partnerships in their team or organization:

  1. Introductions: A Partnership You Value
  2. The Power of Partnerships
  3. With Whom Do You Partner?
  4. Why Do People Partner With You?
  5. Top Five Comparison
  6. Together We’re Better
  7. Relationships and Talents
  8. Paired Up
  9. Strengths Coat of Arms

Build Strengths-Based Teams

The following activities help to intentionally develop successful strengths-based teams:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Best-Ever Team Experience
  3. When You Are at Your Best
  4. Build a Bridge
  5. Build a Team Strengths Grid
  6. Strengths Domains
  7. Getting Word Done
  8. Your Contribution to the Team
  9. Talent Lineup
  10. Strengths Slogans at Work
  11. Team Brand

Improve Performance

The following activities help team members work collaboratively to improve performance:

  1. Motivation Factors
  2. Strengths-Based Team Model
  3. As a Team
  4. On the Same Page
  5. Performance Goal Plan
  6. Playing Your Themes
  7. Team Testimonial


  • Guide is 76 pages
  • Spiral-bound finish
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