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CliftonStrengths for Educators Suite

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CliftonStrengths for Educators Suite

Product Overview

The CliftonStrengths for Educators Suite includes:

  • How Full Is Your Bucket? Expanded Educator’s Edition
  • Teach With Your Strengths
  • Strengths Based Parenting
  • Building Engaged Schools

Set yourself — and your students — up for success with this collection of Gallup’s best books for education professionals. 

Gallup research shows that when students are engaged, they have better academic outcomes, including improved reading, math and science scores. And teacher engagement is just as vital to create a positive learning environment. 

The CliftonStrengths for Educators Suite help you learn how focusing on what kids do right changes how they see themselves.

Learn about the power of positivity in the classroom — and how to inspire students and unlock their potential. Read about the educational system in the U.S. and what schools need to do to develop teacher and student talent. 

When you increase engagement and positivity for students and teachers, you completely transform your school’s environment.

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