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Digital Strengths Coaching Starter Kit

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This product is delivered digitally through Gallup Strengths Center.

Digital Strengths Coaching Starter Kit

Product Overview

Master strengths-based coaching concepts.

Lead others to succeed using their CliftonStrengths.

All from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

The digital Strengths Coaching Starter Kit gives you the materials and resources you need to help others understand, apply and integrate CliftonStrengths into their lives.

Digital Strengths Coaching Starter Kit

Used by Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches everywhere, the Strengths Coaching Starter Kit is designed specifically to help you:

  • acquire a deep understanding of strengths-based development
  • understand how to apply your own strengths to help others succeed
  • conduct fundamental coaching conversations that lead to improved performance, no matter the role
  • achieve greater comprehension of all 34 CliftonStrengths themes

Developed using our popular printed Strengths Coaching Starter Kit, the digital version puts dozens of coaching resources and hundreds of pages of learning and development materials right at your fingertips via a fully responsive design.

Plus, you can write and store interactive notes throughout the materials -- they're accessible anytime on any device.

With these proven coaching materials, you can confidently coach others to perform better -- no matter their role -- by helping them do what they do best.

What's Included

Introduction to Strengths-Based Development Guide

This guide:

  • provides you with an understanding of the unique and powerful approach to personal improvement that is strengths-based development
  • teaches you Gallup's discoveries from decades of research on how people grow and develop
  • instructs you in how to lead your clients on their unique strengths journeys

Fundamentals of Coaching Guide

This guide:

  • discusses the leading principles the best coaches use, as revealed by decades of Gallup research
  • teaches the techniques and methods you can use to enhance your thinking and actions as a coach so that you can help your clients be their best

Starting Strengths-Based Coaching Conversations Manuals

The kit feature workbooks, outlines, coaching tools and content to support four fundamental coaching conversations:

  • establishing the coaching relationship
  • helping your clients understand their strengths profile
  • helping your clients gain awareness and appreciation of their talents
  • helping your clients begin to invest in the development of their talents

Resource Guide for Coaches

This material features the following information for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes:

  • in-depth description of each theme
  • techniques to help you understand and appreciate each theme
  • strategies for enhancing your clients' awareness of each theme
  • suggestions for coaching individuals talented in each theme
  • suggestions for coaching individuals if it is a lesser theme for them

Theme Insights Cards

These 34 interactive cards:

  • are educational tools you can use to help your clients learn the language of strengths
  • will help your clients understand the uniqueness of each of their strengths
  • illustrate each theme's nuances and help stimulate discussions during your coaching conversations


  • write, save and access digital notes throughout the entire set of digital materials
  • download resources for use in coaching conversations and other client settings
  • view embedded videos for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes
  • access your materials from a responsive and secure digital learning center, which includes instructions for getting the most from your digital materials

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