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Strengths Coaching Starter Kit

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Strengths Coaching Starter Kit

Product Overview

For coaches who believe an individual's greatest potential for success lies in building on his or her natural talents, this kit provides a full analysis of strengths-based development and how to use it to coach others.

Tailored specifically for coaches new to strengths-based development, this kit is loaded with materials designed to educate coaches at all experience levels on how to help others understand, apply, and integrate CliftonStrengths results into their lives and organized roles.

Gallup's Strengths Coaching Starter Kit introduces you to what it means to coach others about strengths. The kit helps you:

  • acquire a deep understanding of strengths-based development and what makes it unique
  • understand the role of a strengths coach and how the best coaches apply their own strengths to what they do
  • conduct fundamental coaching conversations to help client identify, understand, and develop their own strengths
  • maximize your effectiveness as a coach by helping you achieve a strong comprehension of all 34 CliftonStrengths themes

If you are truly passionate about coaching strengths, we encourage you to attend the Successful Strengths Coaching course, which includes a complimentary Strengths Coaching Starter Kit.

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