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Product Overview

Machen Sie die Auswertung des Profile 10 für Unternehmer und entdecken Sie Ihr persönliches Unternehmerstärkenprofil, inklusive der Talentintensität für jedes der 10 unternehmerischen Talente. Diese Auswertung ist dazu gedacht, Benutzer ihre unternehmerischen Talente entdecken zu lassen, darüber zu sprechen und sie sich zu nutze zu machen.

What You’ll Experience

  • You'll learn what your natural entrepreneurial talents are.
  • You will learn what role you were meant to play in starting a business and who else you will need to partner with.
  • You will feel the satisfaction of finally feeding that seed of a builder that grows in each of us.
  • You will discover methods to improve what you are already good at.

What You’ll Get

  • Builder Profile 10 Report. This report will not only tell you what entrepreneurial talents you have, but what role you are best suited to play in starting a company.
  • Step-by-step guide. Gallup has identified a scientifically proven set of actionable steps you can take to succeed using your talents.
  • Gallup leads the world in identifying and developing talent. Find out how we can help you on your journey.

How It Works

  • Redeem your BP10 access code.
  • Create an account if you do not already have one, or log in if you have an account.
  • Complete the BP10 assessment.
  • Use your report to learn more about the unique sequence of entrepreneurial talents you have, and what role you are best suited for when starting a company.
  • Learn more about the builder movement by reading best-selling book Born to Build.

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