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CliftonStrengths for Your Organization

Get the Best Out of Your People to Get the Best Out of Your Business

Workplaces that will win in the future require a change in strategy today. At the core of that strategy sits a focus on strengths.

CliftonStrengths solutions are essential to empowering your managers, developing your employees and improving your organization’s performance.

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Why Your Workplace Must Lead With CliftonStrengths

Culture wins.

And a winning culture is one that values strengths-based development. Because a strengths-based workplace is transformational; it’s a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization.

In transformational, strengths-based workplaces, culture is borne of a shift from the old ways of managing people to the right ways of developing them.

  1. Purpose vs. Paycheck

    People want work that’s meaningful to them. Understanding where they’re strongest allows employees to connect with their company’s purpose.

  2. Development vs. Satisfaction

    People don't really care about frivolous perks at work. They want to be developed in ways that tap their natural talents so they can succeed.

  3. Coach vs. Boss

    People want managers who can coach them to understand and apply their CliftonStrengths, and who value them as people and employees.

  4. Conversations vs. Reviews

    People want ongoing feedback and genuine discussions about how they’re doing, not a one-time and one-sided meeting.

  5. Strengths vs. Weaknesses

    People want the chance to do what they naturally do best, every day. Because weaknesses never turn into strengths, and strengths develop infinitely.

  6. Life vs. Job

    People want an authentic relationship with managers that includes talk about both work and life. They want to work somewhere that values their strengths and invests in their ongoing development.

Workgroups that receive Strengths-based development have:
  • 14-29% increased profit
  • 10%-19% increased sales
  • 3%-7% higher customer engagement

Watch how organizations boost their performance on the outcomes that matter most using CliftonStrengths.

CliftonStrengths Boosts Your Business

The business case for CliftonStrengths

Gallup research reveals that the most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.

They understand that how they position, develop and empower their people makes all the difference in their workplace culture.

And they experience firsthand the benefits, both measurable and immeasurable, that a strengths-based culture can bring to their business.

CliftonStrengths Research and Success Stories

See what successful strengths-based development looks like in action.

We won't rest until every organization in the world brings the power of CliftonStrengths to their employees.

Meet a few of the companies redesigning their cultures with strengths-based development at the core of their efforts.

Success Story

Tackling turnover and boosting performance by focusing on CliftonStrengths and engagement
    • Employee turnover shrank from 42% to 1%.
    • Engagement results skyrocketed to the top of Gallup’s database.
    • Teams realized less conflict and a greater focus on talents to overcome obstacles.
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Check out these resources to better understand how you and your teams can benefit from building a strengths-based culture.

CliftonStrengths Solutions for Your Organization

Your strengths-based culture starts here.

Start your journey today toward building a winning workplace using CliftonStrengths. To learn about our premium enterprise solution, contact us.

  1. Step 1

    Provide a CliftonStrengths Access Code to Everyone

    Create stronger teams and a strengths-based workplace.

    Give every employee the opportunity to discover what they naturally do best and learn to use those talents to perform to their maximum potential.

  2. Step 2

    Outfit Your Managers With CliftonStrengths Coaching Materials

    Empower team leaders to get the most out of their people’s CliftonStrengths.

    Have ongoing coaching conversations proven to create more engaged, higher-performing individuals and teams.

  3. Step 3

    Develop a Network of Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches

    Send individuals to Gallup’s Accelerated Strengths Coaching course and support their development.

    Watch them deliver transformational guidance and help to employees and teams, empowering them to be their best.

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