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CliftonStrengths for Managers

Go Beyond Being the Boss & Coach Your Team to Greatness

Helping your people play to their CliftonStrengths is the most time-effective way to improve their performance and engagement at work. Period.

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How Managers Boost Performance

Maximize your team’s potential using CliftonStrengths.

The future of the workplace is developing and coaching people to be the best version of themselves.

That’s not easy. But the CliftonStrengths assessment and coaching resources make it easier.

  1. Step 1

    Give Employees the CliftonStrengths Assessment

    One assessment can change everything for your team. Provide everyone with a CliftonStrengths access code and discover their unique sequence of 34 CliftonStrengths themes.

  2. Step 2

    Position Them to Thrive Using Their Talents

    Structure your team in ways that empower your employees to do what they do best. Understanding and using their natural talents positions them to be much stronger than the sum of their parts.

  3. Step 3

    Coach Them With Conversations That Improve Performance

    Attend Gallup’s Leading High-Performance Teams course and learn how to use CliftonStrengths to engage employees and boost performance.

  4. Transform Your Organization’s Culture, Starting With Your Team

    The C-suite sets the tone for the type of culture they want. But teams like yours deliver on that vision.

    Explore how you can be an integral part of developing a strengths-based culture inside your organization.

The Key to Leading High-Performance Teams

You can’t afford not to lead with CliftonStrengths.
Employees who receive strengths-based development have:
  • 7%-23% higher employee engagement
  • 8%-18% increased performance
  • 20%-73% lower attrition

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Watch how managers go beyond CliftonStrengths discovery to accomplish their goals and get the job done.

Higher employee engagement. Increased productivity and sales. Lower attrition.

What are these improvements worth to you? To your organization?

If you could manage your team with CliftonStrengths but didn't, and you left these performance gains on the table, how long would you have a seat there?

Sure, you're responsible for more than just employee engagement or satisfaction, or whatever your company calls it.

But it's no secret that engaged employees positively impact performance, so it shouldn't be a surprise that 67% of employees who agree that their manager focuses on their strengths are engaged at work. That percentage plummets to just 2% when employees disagree.

The key to improving engagement is talking to your people - having meaningful conversations about their lives, their work, what they naturally do best and how they all mesh.

The right conversations focus on CliftonStrengths - because CliftonStrengths gives managers and employees alike a better understanding of why things are the way they are, and which levers to pull to improve a given situation.

So, what kind of leader do you want to be?

The manager who leads others to accomplish great things by doing what they naturally do best, every day? Or the boss who can't put employees in a position to play to their strengths?

More important, who do your employees want to work for?

Easy answer, right?

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The impact of a positive approach is profound.

Using CliftonStrengths to manage teams pays off for more than the bottom line.

  1. Give people a common language

    The 34 CliftonStrengths themes and their definitions provide everyone a vocabulary to understand and communicate better.

  2. Cultivate improved collaboration

    When people are in roles that fit their talents, energy and passion fuel strong performance. And when positioned to complement each other's talents, employees take teamwork to another level.

  3. Strengthen your workplace culture

    Great things happen when you lead based on what’s strong instead of what’s wrong. You must help employees manage weaknesses, but strengths-based development is proven to help you engage employees and accomplish your goals.

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