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CliftonStrengths 34 is the one true way for individuals and teams to maximize their potential.

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CliftonStrengths DNA

Why People Prefer the Power of CliftonStrengths 34

Going Beyond Top 5 Empowers People to Be Their Best

Why CliftonStrengths 34 Is More Beneficial for People & Teams

Learn Who You Are, Who You’re Not and How You Best Contribute to Teams

Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Strongest CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths 34 takes you beyond your top 5. Start with a 20-minute e-learning module that helps you make the most of your top CliftonStrengths.

You still get personalized insights for your themes 1-5. Plus, you get detailed information for CliftonStrengths themes 1-10, including instructions and ideas for how to use each theme to succeed -- no matter the goal or the role.

Learn to Navigate All Your CliftonStrengths

Your CliftonStrengths 34 Report reveals your complete talent profile -- all 34 CliftonStrengths themes in order based on your responses to the CliftonStrengths assessment. This is your talent DNA, and it is completely unique to you.

To help you get the most out of your entire CliftonStrengths profile, the CliftonStrengths 34 Report:

  • dives deeper into your top 10 themes, including ideas for action and potential blind spots
  • offers advice on how to navigate your 11-34 themes
  • gives you ideas for how to identify and manage potential weaknesses

Succeed When You Work With Others

CliftonStrengths 34 access also gives you a new way to think about how you can best work with your teammates.

Your CliftonStrengths 34 Report shows you how the 34 CliftonStrengths sort into the four CliftonStrengths domains and reveals which domain you lead with.

These domains explain how you use your CliftonStrengths to contribute and succeed when you join, create or lead a team.

Gallup Research on Benefits of CliftonStrengths 34

How Using CliftonStrengths 34 to Develop Employees Improves Performance

Gallup's research has consistently proven the positive impact of strengths-based development on employee engagement and workplace culture.

But a recent meta-analysis finds that using CliftonStrengths 34 -- instead of just top 5 -- in these efforts results in even greater positive outcomes.

Compared with employees and teams who received feedback on their top 5 CliftonStrengths, those who received feedback on all 34 CliftonStrengths improved more on all but one of the 12 items in Gallup's Q12 employee engagement metric.

And since better engagement, as measured by the Q12, is proven to correlate to better business outcomes for organizations, teams that use CliftonStrengths 34 will be more successful at accomplishing their goals.

More on how teams perform better with CliftonStrengths 34

See why CliftonStrengths 34 is essential for teams

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