I want to share my strengths with someone on Gallup Strengths Center.

When you share your strengths with someone who also has a Gallup Strengths Center account, that person can view your top five strengths and whichever strengths reports you choose to share.

  1. Sign in to the site with your Gallup Strengths Center account.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to your Your Strengths Community page.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. Type your friend's email address in the available field, and then click Share.
    NOTE: If you do not want to share all your strengths reports, clear the check boxes of the reports you do not want to share.
  5. Your friend will receive an email message and a notification that you are sharing your strengths. After your friend accepts your request, he or she will be able to view your strengths.