Why don't my strengths insights match my themes?

Strengths insights are detailed descriptions of your signature talents. They are compiled based on your individual responses to specific statements on the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, so they provide an in-depth perspective into what makes you unique. The assessment uses the specific combination of all of your Clifton StrengthsFinder responses to generate your singular strengths insights.

The reason why you might think your strengths insights don't match your themes is because of the inherent complexity and multidimensional aspects of each theme. For example, the Arranger theme consists of a teamwork component and a component focused on a responsibility to motivate others. Strengths insights for the Arranger theme that deal with the motivational component may seem more appropriate for a motivationally focused theme like Command. However, these insights are quite suitable since individuals with the Arranger theme can effectively motivate others to work together, although they typically do it as productive members of a team and not as delegators (i.e., not as individuals with the Command theme would do).