Discover Your Business-Building Talents With Builder Profile 10TM

Builders play a critical role in economic growth and development. One of the most important contributions builders make is creating prosperity -- for themselves, their companies, their employees, and their cities. They create prosperity by using their talents to turn an idea into a customer.

Gallup has studied great builders to understand how they start, sustain, and grow successful companies. This research helped Gallup define the 10 talents of highly successful builders.

Building on the foundation of the CliftonStrengths assessment, Gallup designed the Builder Profile 10 assessment to help people discover and develop their business-building talents.

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Builder Profile 10 Assessment

Gallup's Web-based assessment measures a person's talent for starting or growing a business. Understanding builder talent is helpful even for individuals who do not plan to start a business. For instance, students can apply builder talent to the successful pursuit of higher education or in their chosen vocation.

Builder Profile 10 Report

Once a person completes the assessment, he or she will receive a report that identifies his or her unique builder talent profile. The report also reveals whether each of the 10 talents are a dominant, contributing, or supporting talent for that person.

Individuals can use the results to develop their business-building talents into strengths that can help them achieve success in an entrepreneurial endeavor.