Franchesca Fraire

Texas, United States

ความเชี่ยวชาญในการโค้ช: Career, Education, Faith, Families, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Parenting, Personal Development, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Wellbeing, Women

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ภาษาในการโค้ช: English

Franchesca is the founder of Wander in Harmony Wellness Inc. where she offers coaching, counseling, and individualized wellness plans. She is also doctoral student at Texas Christian University and is studying positive psychology and strengths-based counseling models.

Franchesca has been an effective coach and counselor in public schools and private sectors for 18 years. After discovering Strengths Finder 2.0, it was evident this strengths-based coaching model, was a perfect fit for her work with others. With Franchesca as your coach, you can expect a strategically developed coaching experience, coupled with genuine care and concern for your well-being and success.

She is inspired by restoration and progress in others. With her by your side, you will become more passionate, purposeful, and goal-oriented, while identifying and strengthening the talents, with which you were uniquely gifted.

Families, couples, and teams, can learn to take this knowledge a step further, and begin to maximize the talent pool for the greater success and harmony of the whole.

Her strengths are:

Strategic • Restorative • Input Achievement • Intellection

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Specialty Services Include:

Strengths Finder Workshops

College & Career Planning

Young Living Essential Oils

Wellness & Fitness

Yoga for Awareness, Self-Care, & Rest

Couples & Family Coaching

Wellness Workshops

Small Business Planning