Tony Wang

Shanghai, China

コーチングの専門知識: Career, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Managers, Personal Development, Sales

コーチングの利用可能性: Not Taking on Additional Clients

コーチング方法: Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Online Video Conference (e.g. Skype), Phone, Workshops

コーチング言語: English, 简体中文 (普通话)

Tony: EQ leadership coach / Team strength coach 

He has worked in different well-known multinational companies for more than 16 years. He has solid knowledge, skills and experience on sales & marketing and business operation with outstanding business performance and team development. He grew up from a technical sales rep to a Business Unit head for Great China.  

With Harmony, Responsibility, Learner, Developer and Focus as his top 5 strengths, in 2012, Tony Wang decided to follow his passion for coaching and helping others become better and embrace this legacy-leaving cause for the rest of his life.  

After several years practical experience, His whole-hearted dedication leads him to become a Professional certified Coach (PCC) in China in 2015. He provides coaching service in several global coaching projects as well as many individual or team leadership / performance / EQ coaching cases.