Donna Reeves

United Kingdom

Especialidad en coaching: Executive Coaching, Leadership, Teams

Disponibilidad de coaching: Taking on Additional Clients

Coaching Language: English

Donna is an experienced, thoughtful coach, who has coached leaders at all levels and will help you consider options and ideas, encouraging you to think about your challenges from different angles. Donna’s focus will always be you and helping you understand the unique set of strengths that make you who you are. Together you will work on how to make those strengths even stronger! (That’s her Maximizer strength).  

Donna is an experienced employee communication and engagement professional with a passion for creating an emotional connection between an organisation, employees and customers to create sustainable growth. Donna believes that creativity and authentic leadership are critical to creating this connection and loves working with leaders and teams to achieve this. Donna has extensive experience working in an international, FTSE-50, multi-lingual and multi-cultural organisation.