Sean Paskach

Iowa, United States
Minnesota, United States

Coaching Expertise: Career, Faith, Families, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Manufacturing, Non-Profit Organizations, Parenting, Personal Development, Sales, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Wellbeing

Coaching Availability: Taking on Additional Clients

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Keynote Speaker, Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Coaching Language: English

Hi, my name is Sean Paskach (pronounced “pass, catch”), and I am a passionate advocate for Strengths-based development. My educational background is grounded in business management and communication (B.S. from Minnesota State University, Mankato) where I was first introduced to the StrengthsFinder assessment. This impactful tool led me to a professional career in talent development for a manufacturing organization in Pella, Iowa.

I bring positivity and optimism to every coaching session, and I love to explore how to make the world brighter by shining a light on each person’s unique strengths profile. I’m passionate about working with students to help them discover how they use their strengths to find career paths that interest them. I’m a husband and father of two, and love talking about strengths with parents and families. And I enjoy working with individuals in the health and wellness space, because all of us can learn to flex our strengths as we strive to pour into others.

Outside of work, I find joy in spending time with family and friends, and being active.