MaLinda Perry

Wyoming, United States
Montana, United States
South Dakota, United States

Coaching Expertise: Career, Education, Enterprise Business, Executive Coaching, Families, Keynotes, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Non-Profit Organizations, Parenting, Personal Development, Retail, Sales, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams

Coaching Availability: Taking on Additional Clients

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Keynote Speaker, Online Video Conference (e.g. Skype), Phone, Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Coaching Language: English

Are you ready to take the first step to living your best life? At work. At home. In your community. No matter what you want to achieve, your infinite potential rests in what you naturally do best.  

Gallup research proves that individuals, teams and entire organizations succeed when they play to their strengths. MaLinda Perry can help you and your team identify what you naturally do best, provides customized results that name your unique talents and shows you how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths. Teams that use their strengths achieve increased sales, profits and employee engagement.  

With an extensive background in business, non-profit, education and leadership, MaLinda Perry and her team are ready to guide you through this journey of life living your best strengths.