Danielle Woodard

Fargo, North Dakota, United States

Coaching Expertise: Career, Managers, Teams

Coaching Availability: Not Taking on Additional Clients

Coaching Language: English

I've spent the last 8 years in the Human Resource/Training & Development world. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and currently am working as an HR Director where I oversee all human resource activity, direct training and development, and drive corporate culture at Flint Group - a full service advertising agency based out of Fargo, ND. I love interacting with people and discovering more about them and what makes them tick. Working in an ad agency puts me in front of a wide range of personalities which keeps me on my toes and my days are always interesting.  

Prior to joining Flint Group I worked as director of human resources and safety for a chain of local convenience stores and their partnering wholesale warehouse which opened a lot of training and coaching opportunities for me (fun fact: I'm also a certified forklift trainer!).  

As a Strengths Coach, my goal is to bring all diverse personalities together in a company to be one well-oiled machine.