Ayumi Oguchi

Tokyo, Japan

Coaching Expertise: Enterprise Business, Healthcare, Small Business/Entrepreneurs

Coaching Method: Phone

Coaching Language: English, 日本語

Since 2008, Ayumi has been doing business coaching and personal coaching both based on values of clients. She professionally and personally believes that understanding one’s self and others are essential keys to achieving goals. Coaching through Clifton StrengthsFinder enhances deeper understanding, higher self-esteem, and one's energy in everyday life.  

Following are comments from clients who experienced Clifton StrengthsFinder coaching from Ayumi:
“I found a part of myself, which I did not know.”
“A session with a StrengthsFinder coach energized me.”
“I am very pleased that a coach highly valued my themes more than I did.”
“I have deeper understanding on tendencies of my behaviors and thoughts. How unique I am!”
“I spent a time with my superior to talk about my strengths at our office.”
“Because now I know strengths of my partner, I intend to communicate in a way to maximize my partner's strengths.”