Joseph Tischbern

California, United States

Coaching Expertise: Enterprise Business, Faith, Retail

Coaching Method: In Person, Phone

Coaching Language: English

My passion is to assist in the development of leaders, employees, friends, and family in ways that impact both their professional and personal lives and to do this is a manner that is consistent with my faith in Jesus Christ. I have over two years’ experience coaching management teams on strengths-based leadership. I have a successful record of coaching in the private sector as well as in the non-profit world. My coaching style is personal and interactive. For me, every coaching conversation is an opportunity to help others become the best they can be and that is the motivation that drives those interactions. I am passionate about the fact that every person has a specific set of talents and that investment in those talents will lead to the best possible results for them individually and corporately. I look forward to the opportunity to affect as many lives as possible through strengths-based coaching.