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StrengthsExplorer Access Code

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Children ages 10-14 use the StrengthsExplorer online assessment to discover their natural talents.

A unique StrengthsExplorer access code allows them to take the assessment. This access code is valid for one use only.

Kids who complete the StrengthsExplorer assessment:

  • receive a personalized results report that reveals their top three talent themes based on their responses
  • get ideas for using their unique talents to unlock their potential
  • can communicate who they are, what makes them special and how they can use their talents to succeed

Parents, educators or other adults who are responsible for helping children learn, grow and succeed can use StrengthsExplorer to aid their efforts.

StrengthsExplorer Access Code

When kids complete the online StrengthsExplorer assessment, they answer questions that measure how they naturally think, act and feel.

In less than half an hour, children find out which of the 10 StrengthsExplorer talent themes are strongest in them -- their top three -- based on their unique responses to the assessment.

The StrengthsExplorer assessment gives kids something no one can take away: knowing what they naturally do best and what makes them unique.

Teachers, parents and other adults can use the StrengthsExplorer assessment to understand and appreciate each child’s natural talents -- and to help kids use their talents to set and achieve their goals.

Children who take the StrengthsExplorer assessment receive their personalized results and other resources that will help them use their talents to reach their full potential.

Adults who purchase StrengthsExplorer for children have access to those personalized results too.

When children redeem a StrengthsExplorer access code, they:

  • complete the online Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer assessment
    • specifically for kids ages 10 to 14
    • measures a child’s natural talents -- their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
    • 80 question items
    • takes 20 minutes

  • receive a personalized StrengthsExplorer Top 3 Report
    • identifies a child’s top three StrengthsExplorer talents
    • includes ideas students can use with teachers, parents and other adults who can help them understand their results and how to apply their talents for success

Users can download their StrengthsExplorer Top 3 Report any time and view results via the online dashboard.

Gallup offers a number of free resources full of ideas and activities that teachers, parents and others can use to help children focus on what they naturally do best.

Clifton StrengthsExplorer Youth Workbook: As kids start to think about their talents, this workbook supports them on their journey to learn more about what makes them unique and how to apply their talents now and in the future.

Download Youth Workbook

Clifton StrengthsExplorer Parent Guide: This guide helps parents actively participate in their child's discovery and growth process. Parents can use the activities in the guide to better understand and appreciate what makes their child wonderfully unique.

Download Parent Guide

Clifton StrengthsExplorer Educator/Leader Activity Book: With classroom and group activities, this workbook helps educators and group leaders encourage each student's talent discovery and growth.

Download Educator/Leader Activity Book

"Youth are seeking to discover who they are, and the StrengthsExplorer can be a valuable resource for them and their parents. Based on current research on human strengths, StrengthsExplorer invites young people to learn about their unique talents and skills in a way that is positive, thought-provoking and relevant to everyday life."
— Ross A. Thompson, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of California, Davis

"The StrengthsExplorer showed me my top three strengths, and they were so right! It was like the computer knew me."
— Grace Mussman, Age 10

"StrengthsExplorer was easy to take -- not too long, not too short. Just right. I showed my top three strengths to my parents."
— Trevor Reimnitz, Age 12

"My two sons took StrengthsExplorer, and it really helped affirm their uniqueness. So often, they compare themselves to each other, but this tool really helped them understand how they are wired differently and how they think differently. It helped them gain a better understand of themselves and their natural gifts."
— John Reimnitz, Parent

"Because of StrengthsExplorer, we have become more attuned to seeing what our students do well, and we are helping our students become aware of their wonderfully unique qualities."
— Cathy DeSalvo, Principal, Wegner Middle School, Girls and Boys Town

"I think the StrengthsExplorer has provided students with a common language and understanding of not only their personal strengths, but the strengths of their classmates, teachers and administrators. The StrengthsExplorer process affirms that everyone has things at which they excel ... and verifies things they may have already noticed about themselves and others. It has been exciting to watch the kids interact with each other and the teachers using the common StrengthsExplorer language."
— Aaron Zabawa, Assistant Principal, Culler Middle School

"Actively exploring one's capabilities and strengths is an important developmental task during adolescence. StrengthsExplorer is a very useful tool that can help youth in this process of discovery and development."
— Maria de Guzman, Ph.D., Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln