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CliftonStrengths Suite

US $75.00

The CliftonStrengths Suite includes:

  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • CliftonStrengths Discovery Cards
  • CliftonStrengths Resource Guide
  • CliftonStrengths Insight Photo Cards
  • CliftonStrengths Theme Insights Cards for Coaches
  • CliftonStrengths Quick Reference Card
  • Theme Dynamics Insight Cards

CliftonStrengths Suite
Detailed Description

When employees get to do what they do best every day, companies see increases in employee engagement, performance and productivity.

The CliftonStrengths Suite draws on some of Gallup's best resources to explore the power of strengths.

The suite includes two of Gallup's bestselling strengths books and six complementary products to help you deepen the CliftonStrengths discussion with individuals and teams.

Use the CliftonStrengths Suite to gain insights into building a strengths-based culture, and achieve your team's and organization's goals.