BP10 In Action

Even successful builders need help

Meet some of the educators, coaches, and investors using Gallup's BP10 assessment to help others discover & develop their builder talents.

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Tim O. Peterson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
College of Business
North Dakota State University

"As a business professor, I've been using strengths in the classroom for quite some time. One of the classes I teach is an entrepreneurship course for incoming freshmen, for which I require all the students to take the BP10 assessment. Even in the early stages of this initiative, I have already seen students express excitement about and own their builder talents with such passion. Many tell me they plan to start businesses after college -- and some aren't even waiting until then. I am confident that these stories will become more numerous and more impactful as we continue to gain momentum in developing entrepreneurs and builders at an early age."

"...we need to make identifying builders as intentional as we do finding kids with genius IQs, or recruiting the next football, basketball, and baseball stars."

Jim Clifton
Chairman of Gallup
Coauthor of Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder


Scott Lilly

Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Campus Relations
Thurgood Marshall College Fund

"Our organization is focused on innovation and using the BP10 is a perfect way for us to connect innovation and entrepreneurship. We've helped students from more than 20 schools discover their builder talents with the BP10. It's been incredible watching these students work together to put their talents into action, and the BP10 is proving to be a valuable asset to these young entrepreneurs and our organization. We think this could be a game-changer for us as we look to create 'job makers' rather than just 'job takers'."


Belle Lockerby

Entrepreneur & Coach
Perth, Australia

"I've managed a not-for-profit focused on business incubation and start-ups and I've coached a lot of entrepreneurs and builders as they've started and grown businesses. I'm a firm believer that success in any area comes with the ability to access and activate both your internal strengths and external support resources.

The first step in the success process is building self-awareness. I'm passionate about helping people connect to their own potential and create strategies for success they had not considered. BP10 is a perfect tool for creating this awareness, whether it's with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or solopreneurs. I'm using BP10 right now in a 'mumpreneurship' program, and the participants love it!"


Dan Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer
Invest Nebraska

"At Invest Nebraska, we help entrepreneurs, researchers, and existing companies commercialize their technologies, launch and grow new businesses, and access needed capital. We know that significant growth within these companies can only occur when they focus on the core strengths and talents of their leadership team. We are excited to offer BP10 to our clients as it gives these leaders an additional pathway to achieve their high growth ambitions."


Brian Quebengco

Enderun Colleges

"I've been coaching people on their strengths for years. When Gallup launched BP10, I immediately required all students in my Entrepreneurial Behavior class to complete the assessment. The results have completely changed my method of teaching. BP10 allows me not to simply teach a class, but each student in the class. When students tell me how their results affirm who they are, I can sense the confidence in their voice when they start talking and sharing about their talents and what they want to do in starting a business."

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